On-site Guarding

specializes in security patrols to secure your premises and ensure your safety. This acts as a deterrent to potential threats and criminal activity.

Mobile Guarding

If your residential or commercial property requires security, you can rely on our team to perform a detailed inspection and take action quickly and efficiently

Remote Guarding

a go-to provider for all things related to security. We provide exclusive, customized security services and have highly trained security guards that are ready to assist you, anytime, anywhere.

Static Security

The static security is an on-site security guard that guards equipment or valuables as partof loss prevention, crowd controL, day event security,CCTV camera monitor, concierge services,console guard or personal protection,essentially anything requiring a person being onsite.

Mobile Security

ZAP Security Services is a mobile security team that provides affordable security solutions and safety for your business. Our professional security officers will preventing theft and vandalism.

Inspections and Reports

Inspection can be from 1-6 per night. The inspection reports will be made after every patrol. The inspection report will have details of what the security officer has performed along with pictures of the facility.

Zap Security Offers

Marked Security Vehicles 24 - Hours dispatch inspection reports with pictures for an extra deterrent against theft and vandalism, we offer signs for doors, windows and fences. These signs send a powerfull message to those who have criminal intent

Patrol Services

Our patrol services provide a full inspection of your facilities, including exterior and an interior inspection of your facility, fence perimeter, fence line gate, rattle check accessible doors and visual check windows.

Locksmith Services

We only carry quality brand security screens for your doors and windows that are trusted, reliable and safe

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Private Security Training

We are well-experienced business professionals with younger minds.

Role of a Security Guard

ZAP works with the event staff to strategize for crowd control, executive protection, parkade traffic control, restricted area access, and anticipated threats.

Crowd Control

To make any special event a success, there must be extensive planning and coordination. This is no different when it comes to special event security.

Emergency Response & First Aid

Rapid Deployment First Aid Responders OFA Level 1 & 2 Safety Hazard Assessments Fire Watch Coverage

Traffic Control & Flagging

We don’t just keep the traffic flowing, we keep everyone on the road safe. From coast to coast, ZAP offers customized traffic control services for your roadway construction, infrastructure projects, and special events.

Use of Force

Uniformed Guards Customer Service/ Concierge Loss Prevention Officers

First Aid

With decades of experience in the Healthcare sector, ZAP understands the importance of creating tailor-made programs to mitigate risk to your facility.